The main goal of Per Esempio is to promote and encourage the processes of social inclusion, addressing in particular those segments of society who are at risk of marginality.

Our interventions address four main target-groups:

Roma people – The subject of Romani culture, roma_sharethe needs of the Roma population in Palermo, as well as the analysis and the study of strategies to promote social inclusion of these people, are subjects of interest of Per Esempio. Per Esempio, through the realisation of the project “Romashare”– financed by the Council of Europe – launched an institutional debate between the representatives of the municipality of Palermo, the non profit sector, representatives of the Roma community and common citizens, with the idea of experimenting practices of inclusion and to identify best practices of integration.


Migrant children – The historical centre of Palermo, where the association carries out most of its activities, is characterised by the high rate of migrant communities and by several social, cultural and adilaheconomic contradictions. In such a context a high number of cultural workers, volunteers and activists carry on many self-managed activities with the aim of finding concrete solutions for institutional deficiencies that most often occur in the absence of specific services. From here starts the coordination of childcare centres, of which Per Esempio is a founding member, and which main aim is to create a network between non profit organisations which work with children of foreign origin and their families, offering self-managed reception services. The coordination currently puts together 5 centres which host about 300 children aged 0-5 years and it organises a shared project planning, realises public initiatives, and interacts with the public administration. Since the coordination of the childcare centres have been created two years ago, the projects“Attraverso lo specchio” (Through the mirror) and “Adilah” have been realised; both have been financed by Fondazione per il Sud through the call “Supporto alle reti di volontariato” 2011 and 2013.

Neet – In line with the priorities of Europe 2020, Per Esempio develops intervention strategies addressed to people of Neet , “Not (engaged) in Education, Employment, or Training”. Specifically we are involved in a study and analysis project about the condition of “NEET” ”, realised by Fondazione WeWorld, LA GRANDE CASA ScS ONLUS and the magazine “Animazione Sociale”, sponsored by CNCA (Coordinamento Nazionale Comunità di Accoglienza) and ANCI (Associazione Nazionale dei Comuni Italiani).The issue of NEET is also addressed in the Erasmus+ programme with projects facilitating transnational mobility, allowing young people to acquire professional and cross competencies, expendable in new contexts of study and work and as an exit from this condition.

Women – Per Esempio increased its interest in the disadvantaged socio-economic and cultural conditions in which Palermo’s female population live in, focusing in particular on the neighbourhoods of Borgo Vecchio and San Filippo Neri. The key point of the coming years’ planning is the concept of empowerment, meaning “enabling”, “reinforcing”, “enhancing”, “making responsible”, “awareness”, in view of overcoming and eliminating social, economic, cultural imbalances based on gender. The main purposes of such ongoing work is to prevent, take care of and socially integrate, as well as to develop autonomy and personal growth through efficiently identified activities.


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