Per Esempio Onluserasmus+¬†promotes and carries out several youth mobility activities addressed to young people, social workers, volunteers and adults, that, in step with a life long learning, allow the acquisition of knowledge and skills. The design of interventions within the programme Erasmus + is fulfilled in the realisation of international exchanges, study visit, youth workers exchanges, training courses, volunteers, operator and European youth organizations’ reception, with educational or training purposes.

The main topics we work with focus on relevant subjects, like mutual integration, inter-cultural dialogue, counter-school leaving, counter-discrimination, community practises.


Activities are coordinate by a staff composed of young, constantly updated, trainers and educators, who operate upon those pedagogical principles of non-formal education and inter-cultural learning. We also undertake an effort to promote opportunities offered by the European platform Salto-Youth, in building partnerships of learning and research, and in several other activities promoted and funded by the European Commission.



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