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Locandina Progetto Voluntary Effects

Per Esempio Onlus, supported by the Youth in Action programme, organised together with a group of young people from Palermo fond of photography and video making, a laboratory course aimed at the improvement of competences, such as the use of camera and video camera, audio equipment, filming, editing, etc., in order to realize a video clip which will be broadcast on the internet at the end of the course.

Closely following the activities of the young European volunteers working in Palermo, the participants realised a viral communication that promoted voluntary work as a virtuous method of active citizenship, locally promoting dialogue, solidarity and collaboration as values and ways of life upon which to build a democratic and intercultural European society.

The laboratory course was held by video maker Mapi Rizzo.

Participants received a Youthpass certificate which describes and validates the formal and informal learning experience and acknowledges the competences acquired during the activities.

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For further information:  info@peresempionlus.org

or 3288184800 (Luisa) o 3209140638 (Ernesto).

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