ACT- Youth in Movement: L’esperienza di Anna Rose

Cosa fa una studentessa ventiquattrenne di Liverpool in mezzo ai bambini di un asilo di Ballarò?

Scoprite qui l’esperienza di Anna-Rose, volontaria inglese del progetto ACT – Youth in Movement.

Having never taken part in a project of this kind before, when I left Liverpool I wasn’t sure what to expect. Also a lot of people asked me why I wanted to go to Palermo and work with migrants. For me it was about being able to learn new cultures and understand more deeply the situation people had faced and are still facing.  

I have always had a keen interest in travelling and this project presented me with the opportunity not only do just that but also to meet people from a variety of cultural backgrounds and develop new skills.

I have come to see that Palermo is a very diverse city much more so than I initially expected. On our arrival the training was enjoyable and led to me having more in depth knowledge of the situation and difficulties migrants face once they arrive. For example, I was shocked to learn the length of time the process to receive their documents takes.

My time here with the ACT project is split between working within two local organisations. Giardino di Madre Teresa with children aged from 6 months to 4 years old, and working in the hosting organisation ‘Per Esempio’ office.

Working with the children is fun and exhausting, as I have never worked with children before, but through creating and implementing artistic activities in the nursery, it is rewarding to see the children’s development.

Working in the Per Esempio office allows me to see a different side to the project. I am able to see first hand the vast amount of planning that is put into a project and the expansion of ideas that I hope I will be able to contribute to during my time here with creating a youth exchange project. I am currently in the early stages of planning my project but already I am learning things about Erasmus+ I did not previously know.

Personally being in Palermo comes with its difficulties. I have never lived in a foreign country before so to begin with everything took some adjusting too from language barriers to the first supermarket shop. It was only meant to last 15 minutes but turned into a 40 minute shop trying to work out what things were! That said, having been here for almost 3 months now I am picking up a new language and constantly developing new skills and my shopping takes far less time!

Being able to explore a new city is something I love to do and Palermo doesn’t disappoint. Almost every corner you turn around you discover something new, whether it’s a vibrant market, great architecture or little side streets that lead to squares full of restaurants and bars.

I would recommend people to participate in a project similar this as it allows you to develop skills and learn new things, not just about different cultures but also about yourself. It provides you with the opportunity to meet people you may not come across in your home city and opens your eyes to the hardships that people are still facing, something the media in my home country no longer reports on.