Un nuovo inizio e le sue sfide: il racconto di Sissy, volontaria greca di Per Esempio Onlus

The first months of 2020 felt like months of change and new beginnings. It was time to start new things and at the same time pause and consider the steps you need to take. Personally, during these months I gained many new skills and experiences and learned more about myself. I tried many different things and I feel like each one gave me something new. Changing and shifting through various positions proved to be a challenge because of the change and the demands each position asked of me but, through this, I grow day by day. In a range of roles and responsibilities, my sense of self becomes more defined and knowledgeable. And so, it is with a sense of accomplishment that I leave the first months of the year behind and move onwards and upwards.


Sissy, Greek volunteer at Per Esempio Onlus