Da Salonicco a Palermo, la storia di impegno e di crescita della nostra volontaria greca Eirini

My name is Eirini, I’m 24 years old and I was born and raised in Greece. I arrived to Palermo on January 2020 to start the volunteering project ‘’N.E.T for Neets’’ by Per Esempio Onlus. The main activities, before the lock-down, were mainly at the kindergarten of Ballarò, supporting the educators in free-play and creative activities for the kids, and also in a center for the women at Zen district, a neighborhood with socioeconomic difficulties. Through workshops of theater, sewing and auto construction I had to communicate and create good relations with the women, understanding their realities and contributing to their empowerment. During the lock-down our group of volunteers created a weekly television news in which we were presenting positive news on the world and recipes from our home-countries. This volunteering project was an opportunity for me to grow personally and also professionally: I got out of my comfort zone; I lived in and understood different socioeconomic communities and I contributed to their improvement. In these months I learned a new language and I got able to communicate in different languages, I was influenced by the Italian culture and I shared unforgettable moments with beautiful people, having learned first to respect and manage our individual and cultural differences. Moreover, I realized my strengths and my weaknesses; I developed new competences which will be important to the next steps in my professional life. After this experience, which gave me a new perspective, I feel more active and motivated to help people and communities and my ideas are enriched by new ones. I would definitely recommend this experience to young people because is ‘’multicoloured’’ and life-changing!

Eirini ha condiviso la sua esperienza di volontaria anche in un video realizzato per il progetto V4Volunteers, finanziato dal programma Erasmus+ (KA3).

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