The phygital world is calling: the toolkit available in 5 languages

New era, new habits, new solutions.
The world of work, because of the Coronavirus, is witnessing an unprecedented epochal new digital age. All the restrictions in place to curb the problem are causing new habits to take over, including drastically decreasing contact between people. Here comes a new culture that aims to enhance the concept of virtual and promotes digital activities. But we know that the digital world is like an abyss at the bottom of the sea, causing uncertainty and bewilderment, especially for those who are not used to this new condition. The market must therefore adopt changes, find new solutions to transform this difficult moment into an opportunity for growth.

For this reason, it was born an open-source toolkit for the development of online creative collaborative projects.
It’s available in five langages, click on the link below.

Italian version

English version

Slovenian version

Bulgarian version

Spanish version