darioMy name is Dario and I’m from Bari.

Sometimes the gears move in a way you can’t foresee in advance. That was the experience in “Per Esempio” for me.

I was chosen as a participant in a broader project called “Caburera” and, through that, I had the possibility of a 3 months internship in Ballarò, a difficult neighborhood in Palermo.

During this period I had the chance to follow different phases of the project cycles (European, Italian and even local ones) from their beginning to their end.

What I found there was energy, positivity, laugh, hard work, passion. Before dealing with colleagues, I was working with friends always willing to give suggestion, tricks or just a smile.

All the members of the staff are completely committed with interculturalism, fight against discrimination, education and I strongly believe that if something, slowly, is changing in Palermo is also thanks to them. And I changed too in this sense. 

I miss you people.

Dario Modugno


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