Attraverso lo specchio

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Attraverso lo specchioThe project “Attraverso lo specchio ” (Through the mirror) aims at supporting and strengthening the organisational structure of the associations coordinating the childcare centres in Palermo. The main goal is the activation of a modus operandi that aims to strengthen the synergistic effect of a network and to put to use the skills and competences of each organization.

The project is developed in two directions: one aimed at strengthening the network, identifying and realising strategies for the improvement of the quality and efficiency of human resources, for the training of operators and volunteers, for the implementation of a shared management system; the other addressed to the realisation of strategies for the improvement of the visibility and of the local impact of the network, involving the community, the other voluntary organisations, the local agencies, empowering the tools for external communication, as well as creating spaces for information, discussion and active participation.

The essential elements of the project are: the analysis of the strategic placement of each supervisory body within the network; the mapping of internal communication instruments; the creation of a shared model of organisational management and social intervention; the training of operators and volunteers in the field of project management, fund raising, group management and conflict resolution; the establishment of a District Educational Service that converts the educational needs of the network into diversified training paths (training courses, seminars, workshops); of a common Fund Raising Centre; of a shared Project Design Department that gives the network a unified strategic direction.


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