borgo vecchio

Per Esempio, in collaboration with WeWorld, has been coordinating the project “Frequenza 200” for 4 years. The aim of the project is fighting and reduce Early School Leaving (ESL) in the neighborhood of Borgo Vecchio, an area of Palermo which has been experiencing economic difficulties, high unemployment rates and lacks in education.

In 2014, at the same time as organizing school support activities, the associations Arteca and Per Esempio Onlus, with the collaboration of the street artist Ema Jons, started an urban requalification initiative called “Borgo Vecchio Factory”. Through the realization of murals and paintings by different artists helped by the children, the neighborhood slowly became an open-air museum.

The project was based on the idea of painting the draws and dreams of the children on the facades and walls of their own houses with the ultimate purpose of developing an active participation process and encourage a possible taking back of urban spaces often left to decline.

In 2015 the associations started a crowfunding initiative in order to raise the money necessary to involve more European and Italian artists in the project.

The idea of the crowfunding was a success, and in less than 60 days the association raised the 30% more than the amount needed.

The whole community has been actively involved in making the dreams of the children come true. Street art and non-formal education were used as a powerful instrument for increasing both neighborhood’s and children’s growth. The project opened a changing perspective in an aera of the city where criminality and disadvantage are usually the rule.

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