Per Esempio has been increasing its interest in disadvantaged socio-economic and cultural conditions of the local female population, focusing mainly in Borgo Vecchio and San Filippo Neri districts. Following these lines, the main point of the work planned for the next years is the concept of empowerment, that refers to the construction of several actions aimed at the social reinsertion of women of these two districts, as well as at fostering their independence and personal growth.

Gender discrimination can not be considered as a variable hinging of economic, territorial or cultural factors. Inequalities related to the job’s world, unequal opportunities of access to public roles, domestic and outer violence on women, are all phenomenons which cross any geographical or  class boundary. The gender issue inserts itself deeply in all the social fields, and whichever event of discrimination or violence that throw in at the social decay or economic emergency, it makes even harder the surfacing and resolution of these issues.

In particular, Per Esempio is leading the project F.A.R.O. (Italian acronym for “Favorire l’autodeterminazione, le relazioni e l’orientamento ai servizi”, to foster self-determination, relations and vocation to public services), realised with the cooperation of the WeWorld Foundation.

The action aims at realising several integrated activities for the benefit of women living in Borgo Vecchio and San Filippo Neri. The will is to foster the empowerment of those women at stake or who live different form of need, through activities which works on prevention and care of domestic violence in order to push their independence and personal growth.

The project adopt an integrated approach between different kinds of authorities or professionals who revolve around the grass-roots issue wherein the project itself wants to operate. The subscription to the already operative inter-institutional networks makes easier the flow of information about existent services inwards the very same, and allows to operate in an agreed manner on the detected issues.


Moreover, we are partner in the Adilah project, funded by Fondazione con il Sud ( Network of volunteers – call to tender 2013).

This project undertakes an action of strengthening and improvement of a network of organizations of volunteering and of the service sector which operates in guaranteeing the rights of the child, and in the particular case of those children of foreign birth, in the whole area of Palermo.

Assuming that to foster the rights of children implies a consideration on the family unity in its entirety, thus born the idea to give a further impulse to the already carried out work, focusing on the role of the woman/mother as catalyst of those needs which go through the domestic and familiar dimension, whatever they are: educational, social, emotional, economic.

The goal is to build a bridge which links the suburban district of San Filippo Neri to the historical and multi-ethnic one of Ballarò, and the district of Noce/Zisa, providing several important welfare services to the woman/mother. It will be added, to the already provided services in support of children, a specialized agency in support of the woman/mother, within the network of territorial offices.

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