To give even greater concreteness to our commitment, especially in the field of socio-work inclusion, in 2022 we decided to join the social enterprise AltroVerso S.r.l., a service company primarily dedicated to the non-hotel sector which was founded in Palermo in 2021 and which has made social commitment one of its strong points, supporting local development and the empowerment of the most vulnerable categories.

In recent years, the social enterprise AltroVersowhich offers laundry services, room cleaning and tidying services and ordinary maintenance services to bed and breakfasts and holiday homes in Palermo – has hired women and men with a migratory background, girls and women born or grew up in the most rough neighborhoods of the city which have very high unemployment rates, especially among women.

Becoming members of a profit company allows us to create a powerful synergy that allows the area we live in to develop in a sustainable way, with accurate investments oriented towards people’s real needs.

Visit the AltroVerso website