Per Esempio collaborates on a local level with different private social organizations in order to widen its field of intervention towards the different district of Palermo city ( Borgo Vecchio, Ballarò, Noce, Zen) which all suffer from heavy social, cultural and economic problems. This networking effort is actually one of the key strength of our association which, since it was born, can rely on a more than ten years professional experience in the field by its founders, as well as their broad knowledge about the territory, about the intervention’s beneficiaries, and about those subjects who determine social policies, constantly aiming at building strategic partnerships.

frequenza200On a national level, the association, with its centre contrasting school leaving “Frequenza 200” in Borgo Vecchio, participates in the same name network, promoted by the WeWorld foundation in six different Italian cities. This network, which is highly active, plans regular meetings between coordinators and workers from every city involved, in order to supervise and evaluate what is already done, encouraging exchanges and good practises, to analyze every critical situation had been already faced, and encouraging the participatory design.

On the international level, Per Esempio works with European and Euro-Mediterrean partners, carrying out youth exchanges, workshops, job shadowing, study visits, and as hosting for internships. The association is one of the member of the Anna Lindh Foundation.


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