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Locandina progetto Oltre Le Quinte Per Esempio Onlus thanks to the support of Youth in Action programme, realised a project about the creation of a travelling theatre company, which with its performances will promote values and practices useful for social empowerment and for the intercultural development of our region.

In an environment that allows absolute freedom of expression and experience-sharing, participants realised workshops and recreational activities in order to promote dialogue, solidarity and collaboration as values and ways of life upon which to build an intercultural society. Theatre and performance became instruments of knowledge and development of self consciousness, instruments useful to represent daily oppression and to involve citizens in the sharing of best practices.

The theatrical workshops were held by actress and director Valeria Sara Lo Bue.

Participants received a Youthpass certificate which describes and validates the formal and informal learning experience and which acknowledges the competences acquired during the activities.

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For further information: info@peresempionlus.org or call Guido (3339685574) or Luisa (3288184800).


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