Adilah’s objective is the empowerment of a network of voluntary and third sector organisations, which has been promoting activities to support children’s and teenagers’ rights. It focuses on the position of women, particularly on the role of mothers, by activating specialized help desks for support of motherhood and training of young women.

The project is organized within three neighbourhoods which are considered at high risk of marginality: ZEN 2, Ballarò, Noce/Zisa.


Help desk for orientation and work

Its function is to provide information and support to young women of local and foreign origin with the goal of facilitating the process of entering the labour market. They can receive information about the services offered by the network and about further training and job opportunities. A human resources expert is providing orientation courses aimed at the identification of individual competences expendable in the labour market.

Every Thursday from 15:00 to 18:00 |  Office Associazione Per Esempio – Via Saladino 3/5, Palermo.

For further information Ernesto Paci 3209140638

Help desk for health care and gynecology

It guarantees a medical assistance service devoted to the health of women and mothers. The help desk is accompanied by educational activities, which through the organisation of workshops, are dealing with the issues of prevention and health education, especially addressing immigrant women living in Palermo. Several services are provided by specialized operators: cultural mediation, legal advice, social assistance.

Every Mondays and Thursdays from 15:00 to 18:00 | Associazione Extra – Associazione Santa Chiara – Piazza S. Chiara, 11 Palermo.

For further information Nadege Candeh: 328912447

Help desk for psychological support to parenthood and orientation to social services.

It offers women and their families support for psychological distress, offering the possibility to plan specific helping paths. It also guarantees guidance to local services. It is available at two childcare centres supervised by the associations Kala Onlus and La Casa di Tutte le Genti, and it’s offering mothers the possibility to access the services dedicated to them, while leaving their children with qualified personnel.

Every Tuesdays from 10.00 to 12.00 (help desk for orientation to social services) from 16.00 to 18.00 (help desk for psychological support) ) Office Associazione “La Casa di Tutte le Genti” – Via Cesare Cantù, 1 Palermo.

For further information

Zenaida Boaventura: 3281753722 (help desk for orientation to social services) Sebastiana Giuliano: 3397910688 (help desk for psychological support)

Or also

Every Mondays and Tuesdays from 16.00 to 18.00 (help desk for psychological support)Associazione Kala Onlus Office Associazione Santa Chiara – Piazza S. Chiara, 11 Palermo.

For further information:

Rosita Marchese: 3881149057 Tiziana Raia: 320 4349477


A training course addressed to a group of women residing in Zen 2 neighbourhood, with the aim of supporting the acquisition of competences useful to work in childcare centres. In a neighbourhood where no such service exists, neither public nor private, the opening of such centre will give women a chance which will facilitate their access to the labour market.

Office Associazione Laboratorio Zen Insieme, in via C. Girardengo 18/20, Palermo.

For further information: Mariangela Di Gangi: 3487602859

The partnership of the project is composed by 8 non profit organizations:

  • Associazione Handala;
  • Associazione Extra;
  • Associazione Per Esempio;
  • Associazione Santa Chiara;
  • Associazione Zen Insieme;
  • Associazione Kala Onlus;
  • Associazione Ciaula scopre la luna;
  • Associazione La Casa di Tutte le Genti.

The project is financed by Fondazione con il Sud.

The purpose of this page is to guarantee the visibility of the project, by informing about its objectives and activities. It aims at promoting awareness about the issues connected to the role of woman/mother and about her value, by informing about the services offered. The page is also a contribution to the dissemination and enhancement of the results of the project.


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