Ballarò Tale is a street art project. The aim is to collect the stories of the people who live in the old neighborhood of Ballarò and turn them into wall art made by kids.

Ballarò Tale is part of the actions of SOS Ballarò committee, and it is organized by Per Esempio, in partnership with the city of Palermo. The project was born from an idea of the painter Igor Scalisi and the storyteller Alberto Nicolino who will support and guide the kids in the creative process.


The aim of Ballarò Tale is retrieving stories and life experiences of Ballarò inhabitants and at the same time redeveloping the neighborhood through wall art pieces inspired by the stories themselves.


The project is a creative path in constant evolution which is composed by four main phases or moments:

  1. collection of the stories
  2. transformation of the stories in tales which will be read out loud to the children
  3. illustration workshop during which the kids will draw the tales on paper
  4. wall art creation workshop during which the kids will paint the walls of Ballarò


The murales will narrate the multi ethnicity of the neighborhood, stories of women, children and men who live and experience Ballarò every day. These narrative walls will be a starting point for those who want to know more about Ballarò and discover its true soul.


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