The mobility project EVS “LET’S Amunì – School Education Against Early Leaving” has been developed in partnership with the organizations: Asociacion Juvenil interchangeable (Spain) and Pistes Solidaires Méditerranée (France). The project will take place, from September 2016 to June 2017, in Palermo (Sicily) and will last nine months. It will involve two young people between 18-30 years (one for each partner organization). Gender balance will be ensured. 


Overall objective of the project is to reduce the levels of early school leaving, improving literacy and strengthening education and childcare (Youth on the Move Initiative).


We foresee to achieve the following specific objectives:

– increase knowledge and skills of volunteers about the role of non-formal education and its tools in the fight against school dropout and gender violence;

– enhance the awareness of young people about the value of voluntary activities as a strong instruments of active participation, solidarity and social inclusion.


The young participants will live an important experience for personal and professional growth. They will experience a socio-educational path that will stimulate their reflection on the phenomena of marginalization involving the neighborhood of Borgo Vecchio in Palermo, a neighborhood strongly characterized by high level social exclusion, and in which, as a no profit organization, we manage a center against early school leaving and another one against gender violence. So the volunteers will approach important issues at local and European level, identified as priorities in the Erasmus + Programme (to fight early school leaving, promoting gender equality, etc.).

Volunteers will support our educators in the center to combat early school leaving and in the partner schools as well as in some local initiatives.


They will be actively involved in the realization of:

– group and individual school support

– artistic and creative laboratories;

– city tours, excursions;

– scientific, artistic, creative  laboratories groups in the schools.


Moreover they will work in different cross activities in our center to combat gender violence gradually approaching this complex subject, strongly connected to youth and childhood problems and therefore linked with early school leaving phenomenon.

They will support the staff in the realization of:

– free game and / or artistic and creative activities in the nursery of the center;

– expressive-creative laboratories addressed to the mothers, focusing on strengthening parental skills;

– outdoor activities involving families visiting places of historical and cultural interest and sharing a recreational experience.


Besides the work in the two centers the volunteer will be involved in the conception and realization of different cross  activities: informative desk about association’s activities, fundraising events, volunteers recruitment campaigns, local events aimed at promoting issues related to anti-discrimination, social inclusion, integration, equal opportunities, youth participation, active citizenship,  in participative project design activities, as well as visibility and dissemination ones.


Working within Per Esempio , volunteers will:

– increase their learning opportunities by acquiring new skills and competencies;

– improve the level of their 8 key competences;

– enhance their awareness about the value of voluntary activities;

– get closer to issues such as active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion, solidarity;

– improve foreign language skills;

– enhance their communicative, organizational, social skills.


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