In the month of February 2015 a project named F.A.R.O. (Italian acronym for “Favorire l’autodeterminazione, le relazioni e l’orientamento ai servizi”, to foster self-determination, relations and vocation to public services) had started, in order to prevent the wife-beating phenomenon.

logo_we_worldThe project is embedded within the national strategy of WeWorld, a non profit organization which has been assuring, from more than 15 years, women’s and children’s rights, both in Italy and in the South of the World; it is aimed at establishing prevention and awareness as instruments essential for the necessary cultural change we need to challenge the alarming wife-beating phenomenon to start. Project’s will is to work on the hidden dimension of domestic violence in social disadvantaged backgrounds, promoting actions of empowerment directed to women, in order to contrast the phenomenon, push it surfacing and find a cure to it.

The project will be held in Borgo Vecchio and San Filippo Neri in the city of Palermo, and involves 300 women whose age group goes from 15 to 50. The general organizing and planning approach will involve professionals and organizations with whom a partnership for every single district will be  established. Partners will directly manage all the activities following the leading organization’s guidelines. WeWorld will assure the best coordination between districts in the light of practises and methodologies exchange, as well as the development of new research activities for the structurization of a participatory research-action.

The two beneficiary districts stand out for them harsh conditions of socio-economic disadvantage and social isolation. Within this general framework lies the female condition, who sees women as managers of the family life; they are, indeed, entrusted of the childcare, the time, and frequently, economic management; in the meantime, their shared social role enclose them to the tight domestic and familiar space, with no cultural incitement, far from every learning opportunity, even the basic ones. Moreover the reference cultural environment is labeled of an aided and shared violence, which dominate both intra-familiar relations and the outer ones, where in to assume aggressive behaviours become necessary to prove his own strength and his own role in the social hierarchy.

Hence, the project’s pivotal point is the empowerment: the will is to realise several activities aimed at the women social reinsertion, as well as at fostering their independence and personal growth, increasing their knowledge and skills.

Activities are expected to act on different levels. The starting point will be the creation of a socialization space in every district. In these spaces a counselling desk will be put into place and some workshops will be held. There will be a game room for kids, who are the involved women children, so they can easily enjoy their participation. Moreover, the project wants to create a better networking between users and the already existent services, in order to ease the access to the latter ones. A map of services and awareness campaigns will be realised, and also a inter-institutional network gathering every body which works in the whole area to contrast the domestic violence will be created. Ultimately, will be realised specific activities to increase the participants’ education level, from the tutoring for the secondary school diploma achievement to the orientation and access to vocational training.

Per esempio together with Handala and Millecolori Onlus will be referees of this project for the city of Palermo. The project will be realised also in the cities of Naples and Rome.


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