Early school leaving is influenced by educational factors, individual circumstances and disadvantaged socio-economic conditions. This is not an isolated event, but rather a complex process. Education and training systems, because of the lack of resources, do not succeed in assuring a focused support to those students who go through social, educational and emotional issues, and are not able to prevent their school leaving. Responding to the various learning styles of students and helping teachers in facing a wide range of demands by students with different abilities, is still a challenge for schools.

 I.N. C.L.A.S.S.E is a project promoting returning to school and continuing education aimed at young people between 10 and 16 who are at risk of leaving school or already did so. The central idea of the project is that the educational community can be a “place” where discussion and debate are possible and desirable. The project aims to build and maintain a partnership between the relevant actors of the local reality, enhancing the role of families, schools, volunteers and the third sector. All the arranged activities gather every one of the above mentioned actors in a strong educational action, claiming the importance of their role within the educational development of young people, who are the key actors in the construction of a composite society.

Partner schools allow the scholastic, extra-scholastic and free time activities to be well organized, in order to value teachers’ role to the utmost. Those students involved in the school and outdoor activities, and in the community centres, learn important values like cooperation, solidarity, mutual respect, and will increase their motivation in carrying on their studies. Therefore, their chance to enter the world of work will be increased, because of the enrichment of their knowledge and experiences. In the light of a broader involvement by families, parents join their children in the activities, in order to improve their parental skills, and also communicational, relational, educational, and decision-making abilities. Voluntary and third sector organizations have a key role in the implementation of the entire project. They allow the creation of designing groups in schools, regarding European programme focused on youth, involve new volunteers in the designing activities, share their know-how and best practises, in order to achieve real processes for sharing methods and operative tools, ensuring unanimous and consistent intervention. They have the essential duty to promote cultural awareness regarding voluntary work and social development, contributing to a broader level of “educating community”, strengthening the values of cooperation, solidarity, legality, social and individual responsibility.

The project’s partnership is composed by 10 organizations from the non profit sector:

  • Associazione Libera Palermo;
  • Fondazione WeWord Intervita;
  • Arteca Onlus;
  • Per Esempio Onlus;
  • Associazione Handala;
  • Associazione Lievito;
  • Associazione Zen Insieme;
  • Apriti Cuore Onlus;
  • Associazione Telarium;
  • Associazione Finalmente.

And 5 organizations from the public sector:

  • Istituto Comprensivo Statale “La Masa-Federico II”;
  • Istituto Professionale per i Servizi Alberghieri e Ristorazione Paolo Cascino;
  • Istituto Superiore Duca Abbruzzi – Libero Grassi;
  • L’Istituto Penitenziario per i Minorenni, Malaspina di Palermo (IPM);
  • Assessorato Istruzione Comune di Palermo.

The project is funded by Fondazione con il Sud.

The aim of this page is to ensure maximum visibility to the project by providing information about its objectives and activities. It wants to raise awareness about early school leaving and to contribute to the dissemination and exploitation of project results.


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