cover_profilo_utente_851x315 The youth exchange “Variety Fair” was carried out by Per Esempio in partnership with the Polish association “Stowarzyszenie Tea Club”, the Turkish association “Young Pioneers Society”, and the Romanian association “Young leaders for Civil Society Development”, and funded by the Erasmus Plus programme (KA1 Mobility project for young people and youth workers).

This exchange took place in Palermo from the 10th to the 15th of October 2014, and its activities involved 16 youth aged between 18 and 25.

The goal was to fight against discrimination based on sexual orientation and the gender identity while promoting sexual diversity through human rights education. The project wanted to give voice to young people and make them more aware of the role of mass media in spreading wrong stereotypes about LGBT people. This exchange, through the use of non-formal methodologies, encouraged young people to truly believe in themselves, to meet new people, and to become interested in the LGBT local and international background.

The final products, raising awareness against homophobia, aimed at the local community, had been:

  • the wall of prejudice”;
  • a sculpture with bodies;
  • a flashmob;
  • a video “Happy pictures”.

What participants say about:

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View the project’s final video: What is love


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