All in!

The All in! project aims to promote the sociolinguistic inclusion of refugee migrants and asylum seekers in the territories in which they live and work, increasing the learning levels of adult migrants in 4 European Union countries and facilitating the acquisition of communication skills in languages ​​of the host countries of citizens from other countries, essential objectives for the creation of an open and inclusive society. The greatest challenge in learning a second language is offering innovative strategies and tools: through linguistic facilitators, teaching methods will be implemented to respond to the needs, characteristics and real interests of the students.
In this context, the project aims to promote a strategic partnership between organizations from four different European Union countries, with experience in L2 education for adults, in order to identify and test innovative methodologies and approaches in teaching. The overall goal of All in! It is therefore to promote the sociolinguistic inclusion of migrants living in Europe, while, more specifically, the project intends to develop adequate and quality tools for teaching the second language to migrant adults through the design and experimentation of practices innovative teaching methods, and also improve the competences and skills of teachers and adult trainers in the field of second language education.
The project involves the creation of tools such as guidelines on methodologies and innovative approaches in teaching the L2 level of a foreign language to adult migrants and a handbook with innovative teaching modules for L2 level learning of the foreign language by adults.