In line with the objective of the Europe 2020 strategy to reduce the school dropout rate to 10%, the “Edu-Action” project aims to encourage cooperation and youth exchange between the participating countries and partners of the program in different regions of the world through the involvement of youth organizations committed to increasing school attendance.

A total of eleven youth workers participated in two workshops, before and after a month-long job shadowing period at one of the partner organisations. The planned activities were carried out by applying informal and non-formal learning methodologies, learning by doing and active participation following a socio-educational approach.

The objectives of the project are:

  • promote discussion and dialogue on the social, political and economic dynamics that push young people to drop out of school and the world of education;
  • develop the personal and professional skills of youth workers in the field of education and non-formal learning;
  • identify and exchange good practices against school dropout to be applied in the participating countries and ready to be tested and further developed at an international level.

In addition to the professional development of youth workers on dropout and school attendance in general, the project aims to expand the capacities of participating organizations and promote the development of quality youth work offered by other actors in the sector (in particular those working with missing students and at risk of dropping out). Furthermore, the project intends to strengthen the European dimension in the participating organizations and their extended network and; this will improve the capacity to identify good practices in this sector and their applicability at an international level.