In my Art

Inclusive Multicultural societies through Art

IN My Art – Inclusive Multicultural societies through Art has as its main objective to push young people to mobilize for the construction of an inclusive society and an intercultural community, particularly in contexts where migrants are numerous but have fewer opportunities to be involved actively in the host community.

In line with the contextual analyzes carried out by partner organisations, In My Art aims to:

  • raise awareness of youth workers and organizations on the real needs and desires of young people, to effectively adapt methods and practices that use art to different multicultural contexts;
  • share and develop with other organizations effective and sustainable practices inspired by the Migrant Art method, to build inclusive communities based on the culture of dialogue, cohesion, valorization of diversity and non-discrimination;
  • promote the active participation of young people in their community, with particular attention to young people at risk of marginalization for cultural, social and economic reasons.

Arte Migrante is the field of action, as well as the method that intends to inspire a process of learning, development and innovation. An international training focused on Migrant Art methodology as a tool to foster inclusion will be held in Palermo, Italy, in 2020.

As part of the In My Art project, three outputs are developed:

  • action research on the impact of art on social inclusion (IO1);
  • a training program on the use of art as an inclusive methodology (IO2);
  • guidelines on how to apply the Migrant Art methodology (IO3).

The results are translated into the language of each partner organization and the guidelines also translated into sign language. The young operators involved in the project are protagonists of a learning path that will lead them to acquire skills and tools useful in working with young people at risk of marginalisation. They will learn to support them in the phase of entry into the host community by sharing and developing inclusive and sustainable informal and non-formal practices. In My Art aims to respond to the needs of young people aged between 16 and 26 with a migratory background and/or with social, cultural and economic difficulties, in order to encourage their process of inclusion in the local community