Never stop rising

In memory of the Brazilian activist Marielle Franco, killed in March 2018 in circumstances never clarified, Marielle – Never stop rising was born, a project aimed at encouraging the exchange of good practices and the professional and personal enrichment of operators who work with vulnerable women, victims or possible victims of violence and discrimination and at risk of social exclusion. The life of Marielle Franco, a woman who centered her commitment on the fight for civil rights and the search for justice, becomes the inspiration for this initiative, which aims to offer a concrete contribution to the diffusion of a culture based on respect for differences of gender and attentive to the processes of women’s autonomy.

The aim of Marielle is in fact to promote processes of female empowerment and to prevent phenomena of violence against women at risk of marginalization, intervening directly on educators and social workers, and indirectly on women at risk of exclusion.

Specifically the project aims to:

  • encourage the achievement of specific skills of educators and social workers in supporting women at risk of marginalization, victims of violence and gender discrimination through an exchange of good practices;
  • raise awareness and stimulate the development of life skills in women at risk and victims of violence to support them in the process of emancipation from the condition of marginality and oppression;
  • increase the commitment of organizations in empowerment activities and prevention of discrimination and violence against women, creating a European network that acts at a local and international level using active methods.

The project involves the creation of three training events dedicated to educators and operators involved in activities related to gender rights. The topics covered are:

  • the economic empowerment of women;
  • socialization and self-esteem as a tool for self-efficacy;
  • social tailoring as a tool for the emergence of gender violence and for the recognition of the importance of the relationship between women, operators and the urban environment in which they live.

After each training, the partners carry out workshops at local level in order to experiment with the methodologies learned. At the end of the project, to disseminate the results achieved, a video story and a booklet of good practices for operators are produced, with a specific focus on the emergence and management of violence phenomena.