Standup2hatespeech is a training course coordinated by Per Eesempio which took place from 20 to 25 May 2019 in Palermo. The intent was to provide 21 youth workers from 7 different European countries with effective tools to combat and prevent hate speech.

The expression “hate speech” refers to a type of language that express hatred and intolerance. It manifests itself with explicit and discriminatory offenses against a person or a group of people. Its goal is not simply to hurt the individual, but to destroy the victim’s identity and, at the same time, his social group of reference.

The general objective of this project is to combat all forms of discrimination and violation of human rights, as well as extremism and hate speech online. To this end, non-formal education activities are carried out to involve participants – youth workers aged 25 and over – and make them aware of the importance of dialogue and respect for rights. They are also helped to develop a “counter-language”.