Be Present: Becoming a Practitioner in solidarity activities


“Be Present: Becoming a Practitioner in solidarity activities “ is a project developed in the framework of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) of Erasmus+ programme and supported by ANG – Agenzia Nazionale Giovani. This initiative has been designed in partnership with Asociaciòn Mundus (Spain), United Societies of Balkans (Greece) e Hors Pistes (France), and foresees a 9-month mobility activity starting from November 2020 in Palermo (Sicily, Italy). It involves six young people aged between 18 and 30 years (two for each partner organization).

The project starts from the assumption that non-formal education today plays an increasingly important role as a mode of learning. Through this, young people can acquire new skills and strengthen already existing attitudes. The mobility experience will be an opportunity for young people to start a process of awareness and enhancement of their skills, helping them to understand how these skills can help them to enter the labour market.

The project aims to give the young people involved a non-formal learning experience, with the aim of enhancing their personal, social, educational and professional development. The project aims to focus on young NEETs in order to set in motion opportunities that can break their extreme distrust and trigger a process that puts their vitality and desire at stake. Young people will be put in a position to explore and experience themselves in terms of attitudes, skills, interests, making the most of their personal potential.

The project is based on the principles and values of the European Solidarity Corps, which are:

– promote the inclusion and equal opportunities of young people with fewer opportunities;

– improve the level of key competences of young people by promoting solidarity, active citizenship, intercultural dialogue and social inclusion;

– strengthen the international dimension of the activity of and with young people in particular through the promotion of youth mobility and cooperation between youth organizations.

The young participants will live an important experience of personal and professional growth. They will experience a socio-educational path that will stimulate their reflection on the phenomenon of marginalization in the neighbourhoods of Borgo Vecchio, Ballarò and ZEN in Palermo: in these areas, as a no profit organization, we run a centre against early school leaving, work with a structure against gender violence and several educational bodies, among which there is an interethnic kindergarten.

In these structures the volunteers will be actively involved in the implementation of many activities, such as: school support and expressive, creative and music workshops with youngsters; city tours, excursions for children and families; expressive-creative laboratories addressed to mothers, focusing on strengthening parental skills; support activities for local and migrant families who have not access to public childcare services.

The volunteers will also work with Per Esempio staff on operative tasks concerning project designing and implementation. This way they will:

– increase their learning opportunities in non-formal education field;

– improve the level of their 8 key competences;

– enhance their awareness about the value of voluntary activities;

– get closer to issues such as active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion, solidarity;

– improve foreign language competences;

– enhance their communicative, organizational, social skills.

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