DAPPERTUTTO is a project inspired by Danilo Dolci’s experience with the Educational Center of Mirto in the 1970s. Sustained by Con i Bambini social enterprise, it aims to promote a new childhood culture which involves, in a holistic and multidimensional approach, the neighbourhood Tribunali Castellammare of Palermo. It is designed to consolidate the co-responsibility feeling in education within the community in order to link together the community’s educational and cultural spaces in a cohesive network. It will create ultimately a permanent and widespread community welfare system able to reduce educational deprivation in the area and support families and children in building their future. 


DAPPERTUTTO responds to the local identified need to “growing up well and together”. Hence, project’s aims are twofold. On the one hand it aims to increase social and physical children wellbeing and achieve the development of their relational, cognitive and movement related skills. On the other hand, the project will address diversity so that it will not be the basis to build inequalities. On this purpose, shared growth spaces will be created and active participation processes, the involvement of institutions and a cultural change on the idea of childhood as well as an economic development process will be widely promoted.


Notably, childhood services will be empowered strengthening teachers’ and educators’ competences, consolidating school-family relationships and extending educational activities to the afternoons. Support actions to parenthood will be implemented through positive parenting workshops and employment helpdesks. Besides, the project foresees training activities for teachers in order to improve their competences and help them to design new training opportunities for children. Finally, a traveling museum/lab “città educativa” (educational city) and a neighbourhood library will be created. DAPPERTUTTO beneficiaries will be about 1,000 children aged between 0 and 6.


The project lasts from May 2018 to May 2021 and is implemented by Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci (project coordinator), Per Esempio Onlus, Comune di Palermo, Associazione Culturale CLAC, Università degli Studi di Palermo – Dipartimento di Scienze Psicologiche, Pedagogiche e della Formazione, Associazione Comitato Addiopizzo, ICS Amari Roncalli Ferrara, Handala, booq, SEND, Centro Internazionale delle Culture Ubuntu.

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