Di Pari Passo is a project aimed at combating any form of behaviour based on prejudices or gender stereotypes. On this purpose, it will increase the community’s awareness and understanding of gender-based violence in all its expressions and its consequences on a cultural, social and economic level.


Di Pari Passo will implement several activities addressed to women living in ZEN district of Palermo and two secondary classes of the “Leonardo Sciascia” Middle School, located in the same neighbourhood. The entire community will also be actively involved in awareness raising activities about female stereotypes and the importance of practices fostering women’s autonomy.


The activities promoted by the project will be:

Workshop on the right to the city and gender-based violence – It is addressed to the ZEN community and involves citizens in four focus groups aimed at discovering how they live the city, its services and how these conditions affect gender relations.

WorkshopSocial tailoring and Theater” – It involves the women of the neighborhood and is inspired by women who made the difference in diverse fields. Following these models, the “PupazZen” rag dolls will be created and become the main characters of a theatrical performance. At the end of the project, the installation of the “Wall of Dolls” will also be carried out.

Awareness workshop on gender violence – Involving two classes of “Leonardo Sciascia” secondary school, it foresees awareness activities and practical meetings for the realization of a mini web series to encourage reflection on stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination based on gender.

Path of awareness and knowledge of gender discrimination in the labor market – Also this activity will involve students from ICS “Leonardo Sciascia” and will inform them about the dynamics affecting the world of higher education and today’s labor market.

The activities carried out will increase the opportunities for socialization, knowledge and self-efficacy of the female population of ZEN district and of the entire city of Palermo. They will also promote awareness about gender violence in young people and equip them with tools to prevent and fight it. Di Pari Passo is a project implemented by Per Esempio Onlus, Associazione Handala and SEND funded by the Dipartimento per le Pari Opportunità della Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri. It will take place from January 2019 to June 2020.

In order to carry out Di Pari Passo, in 2019 the leading organization – Per Esempio Onlus – has received public funds amounting to € 26.400.

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