Capacity Building in the Field of Youth

Capacity Building for Youth in ACP countries, Latin America and Asia

Following the benchmark of the Europe 2020 Strategy to reduce early school-leaving (ESL) to 10% the project “Edu-Action” aims at fostering cooperation and exchange in the field of youth between Programme Countries and Partner Countries from different regions of the world involving youth organisations engaged in increasing school attendance. 

The participating organisations are Per Esempio (IT), Fekete Sereg Ifjusagi Egyesulet (HU), Association pour le Soutien et la Promotion de l’Enfance (SN), Jeevanrekha Parishad (IN); Santa Casa de Misericordia (PT); Fundación Aprendizaje en Acción (Bo). The setting-up of the consortium is based on the partners’ strong commitment, previous experience and expertise in the field of education.

The project will last 11 months, starting from 1 August 2016. Altogether twelve youth workers will participate in two seminars before and after a one-month-long job shadowing period spent in one of the partner organisations. The activities foreseen will be composed by informal and non- formal learning methods such as learning by doing, peer education, active participation through a socio-educational approach.

This strategic partnership aims to:

• promote discussion and dialogue about social, political and economic dynamics that lead young people to turn away from school and from the world of education;

• develop the personal and professional competencies of youth workers in the field of non-formal education and learning;

• identify and exchange good practices contrasting early school leaving suitable to be applied in the participating countries and ready to experiment and further develop at a wider international level.
A manual as final deliverable of the project will include situation studies and good practices about combating early school leaving and promoting school attendance. It will be available on-line for free beyond the project’s lifetime.

In order to produce this tool the project foresees the following mobility activities:

1. Transnational seminar for youth workers aiming to share and exchange good practices.

2. One-month job shadowing period in a partner organisations.

3. Final seminar for youth workers in order to evaluate the experience and to develop the contents of the manual. The last day of the seminar will be open to discussion with the public (stakeholders).

Besides the professional development of youth workers dealing with the issue of ESL and school attendance, the project will result in the enlarged capacity of the participating organisations and in the development of quality youth work offered by other actors in this field (especially of the ones working with early school-leavers and students at risk of school drop-out). Moreover, the project will strengthen European dimension in the participating organisations and their enlarged network, and most importantly it will promote the identification of good practices addressing the topic and applicable at international level.

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