How to increase employment levels of migrants living in Palermo? Is it possible to defy stereotypes and fight against migrants’ exploitation innovating job servicesin gioco

In Gioco is a project that will try to answer these questions. It is addressed to young and adult migrants, men and women, coming out or trying to get out of labour and sexual exploitation contexts.

Notably, In Gioco will:

  • create a community welfare system in order to innovate employment services for migrants;
  • fight their labour exploitation;
  • increase their employability in new productive sectors (such as orientation, education and childhood);
  • support the dream of a group of young migrants about starting a social enterprise focused on education and childhood.

In Gioco will last from September 2018 to February 2021 and will implement the following activities:

  • an itinerant desk for orientation, training and job placement of migrants, held by a group of young migrants adopting a peer-to-peer approach;
  • the start-up of Giocherenda, a social enterprise born to create toys stimulating imagination, storytelling and solidarity and composed by youngsters arrived to Italy as unaccompanied minors;
  • the promotion of paths of job assistance in the childhood and education services sector.

In Gioco is a project selected by Fondazione con il Sud in the framework of “Iniziativa Immigrazione 2017”.

It involves 10 organizations:

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