The youth exchange entitled “Words can hurt. Shake them off!” will take place in Palermo from 7th to 14th May 2017. 48 young people – 6 from each participant country – will be involved in the project. The gender balance will be guaranteed.

Per Esempio is the project leader. The proposal has been developed in partnership with: Asociacion Juvenil interchangeable (Spain); Mostar Friedensprojekt e.V. (Germany); Ifjúsági Szolgaltatok Orszagos Szövetsége (Hungary); Pistes Solidaires Méditerranée (France); YouthNet HELLAS (Greece); UF Gothenburg (Sweden); and an informal group SOYOP (Turkey)

Nowadays there is an excessive and constant internet and digital devices use. Unlimited connectivity often results in hate online speech phenomenon. This expression, often translated into Italian with the formula “incitement to hatred” means a type of speech that has no other function than to express hatred and intolerance.

Therefore, the exchange will stimulate young people’s reflection on this issue. Some activities will be implemented in order to strongly discourage hate speech on line and to fight all forms of discrimination and violation of human rights. Sharing point of views on a such important and valuable topic will push the participants to become more aware of themselves and of their role in contemporary society.

The overall objective of the project is to fight all forms of discrimination and violation of human rights, thus fight extremism and hate speech online.

The issues related to human rights will be tackled, highlighting the importance of their protection.  The young people will be guided in a critical analysis of the right use of internet and digital devices.

A final event will be organized involving the local community, particularly the young people. A video created by the participants will be showed. It will focus on the importance of defending human rights and fighting against all forms of incitement to hatred. This event will provide an opportunity for the young participants to meet the local community, and it will be an important moment of reflection on stereotypes and prejudices allowing them to get closer to different cultures.

Besides, the final event will be, more than an important moment of dissemination of project’s results, a tool to guarantee the visibility of the Erasmus Plus Programme and to inform the audience about the opportunities it offers to young people.

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