“RomaShare”- Best practices’ exchange in Palermo.

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roma_shareOn the 12th of November 2013, Per Esempio launched the project “RomaShare”- Best practices’ exchange in Palermo. The project was funded by the European Council and realised in partnership with the Participation Department of the municipality of Palermo.

Roma Share was an exchange of good practises with the aim of encouraging, through the direct involvement of the Roma community, the dialogue and discussion between the Roma community, the public agencies and youth organizations on issues like legal status, social housing, education and social inclusion.

The project was aimed at promoting those useful actions which, targeted at Roma communities and that has already been successful in some Italian cities, could be proposed and carried out also in Palermo. In line with this purpose, in January we spent three days of discussion and constructive dialogue with national experts who, based on their professional experiences, could provide their testimony and suggest every possible way and real actions to carry out also in Palermo.


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