• Claudio Arestivo President

    Claudio has been working for twelve years in the field of social project management, and he dealt mainly with the creation of local and international networks whose aim is the development of opportunities for young people and minors in danger of social exclusion.


    Ernesto has been always interested in the service sector, and he is now working in designing and carrying out development and social innovation projects, on a local and European level. He constantly applies to his job several categories and instruments of management and HR to non profit organizations.

  • Luisa Costa

    Luisa has a degree in Political Sciences and International Relations, and from her studies originates her commitment in the field of fund raising, whose main aim is to allow the designing and implementation of several projects. She works also with projects of youth mobility

  • Giusy Governali

    Giusy, 30, has a degree in Economics and Finance, and from her studies originates her interest for the main funding guidelines and procedures from those major funding institution (Ministries, Local government departments, European Commission). In Per Esempio, she works as accountant, in the maintenance of administrative documentation of every different project, and in the administrative management of employees.

  • Adriana Branni
    Adriana Branni Project Manager

    Adriana Branni is graduated in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology. She has several years of experience in project managing at local and European level. She’s particularly interested in intercultural processes and territorial dynamics impacting on community development. From 2016 she works with Per Esempio as project manager.

  • Roberta Palleschi
    Roberta Palleschi Visibility and Communication

    Roberta has a degree in Public Relations. She has experience in the field of European projects and institutional communication. From 2017 she works with Per Esempio managing social communication and media relations.

  • Emanuela Di Patti
    Emanuela Di Patti Web designer | IT specialist

    Emanuela is graduated in Media and Communication. She is passionate about photography and, after her graduation, decided to improve her visual communication skills by attending graphic design and web development workshops.

    She works with Per Esempio Onlus as Graphic and Web Designer.

  • Anna Di Paola
    Anna Di Paola Project Manager

    Anna graduated in Cooperation and Development. Immediately after graduation, he undertook a voluntary activity in Per Esempio, specializing in the Erasmus + program and dealing of projects in the social field and in the youth field. Since September 2016 she works with the association as a Project Manager.

  • Luigi Capizzi

    Luigi has a degree in law. From his studies and social engagement is born his interest in the third sector, especially for guide lines and financial reporting. For Per Esempio Onlus he deals with accountability, administration and financial management of projects and staff.

  • Marco Vitale
    Marco Vitale Graphic Designer

    Marco is an Architect; during and after graduation he specializes in Communication Design. Since 2018 he’s graphic designer at Per Esempio Onlus.

  • Emanuela Firetto
    Emanuela Firetto Project Manager

    Emanuela graduated in Educational sciences and Lifelong learning. From her studies and experiences of volunteering and trainingship in Italy and abroad she got the interest in project management in the field of community development, intercultural dialogue and volunteering, working as a trainer and facilitator of learning processes using non-formal education.

  • Martina Riina
    Martina Riina Operational coordinator for R.E.A.C.T. project.

    Martina is an anthropologist with expertise in the use of transcultural expressive languages ​​in migratory contexts. She collaborates with several educational, research and intercultural creative practice organizations for the implementation of research training programs for the participation and inclusion of young people and adults. For Per Esempio Onlus, she works as an operational coordinator for R.E.A.C.T. project.

  • Gabriele Di Maio
    Gabriele Di Maio Educator and Community Worker for R.E.A.C.T Project

    Graduated in Philosophy with an historical/anthropological plan of studies, Gabriele has been always interested in participatory processes from the base generative of possible changes in society. From 2011 he works with Per Esempio Onlus as educator and community worker in early school leaving projects. Strong supporter of the integration between formal and non-formal education in schools, he is currently working in Borgo Vecchio district in Palermo.

  • Danila Taccone
    Danila Taccone Responsible for extracurricular activities within R.E.A.C.T. project.

    Danila is a clinical and community psychologist, a psychotherapist in training. For 10 years she has been involved in promoting of children’s right in difficult contexts. For Per Esempio Onlus she’s responsible for extracurricular activities within R.E.A.C.T. project.

  • Nando Brunetti
    Nando Brunetti Educator

    Nando has been working for years with children and young people in difficult districts of the city of Palermo. In particular, he has been working with Per Esempio Onlus as an educator and responsible for manual activities within ‘Frequenza200’, a project that dealt with the fight against early school leaving in the Borgo Vecchio district.

  • Christian Paterniti
    Christian Paterniti Youth Worker

    Christian Paterniti, alias “Picciotto”, is a rapper and youth worker who has been working for 10 years fighting against early school leaving through sport and music. “Picciotto” won the last edition of “Musica contro le mafie”, a national rap contest promoted by the national non profit association Libera. The creative writing workshops based on rap are a natural consequence of his performances that talk about social marginalization and rise from the suburbs of Palermo.

  • Girolamo Di Giovanni
    Girolamo Di Giovanni Case Manager in the framework of R.E.A.C.T. project.

    He’s a psychotherapist with a 20-year experience in supporting disadvantaged minors. He runs clinical and training activities and cooperates with different schools dealing with orientation and counselling. He works with Per Esempio Onlus as a case manager in the framework of R.E.A.C.T. project.

  • Mapi Rizzo
    Mapi Rizzo Videomaker

    Mapi is a video maker and a photographer, with a degree in Communication and a Master’s Degree in “Digital Promotional Cinema”. For Per Esempio Onlus she designs and implements video campaigns (commercials, documentaries, web series), video and photo reports of projects and events, videomaking labs in schools and during international training courses.


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