mustafa-shaheenMy name is Mustafa Shaheen and I come from Egypt. I participated to the youth exchange “Multi-Generation. Finding our identity” that was held in Palermo by Per Esempio and I can definitely say that it was an outstanding experience for me.

I’ve always been working with American, Canadian and English customers for technical support and I thought that I could learn all there is to know about western cultures from phone conversations that would last no longer than few minutes. Without a doubt, that was a naive perception.

During the exchange in Palermo, I had to deal with different mentalities and cultures: there were people from Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Romania and Sweden. I appreciated their company and their different views about topics of the day, but the most amazing thing is that I had an epiphany about aspects of everyday life I never dare to consider before. Now I feel a different man, and I developed a different point of view towards life and cultures.

The experience with Per Esempio has really changed me for the rest of my life.

There are no words to describe by gratitude towards Per Esempio and all the staff. I can just say “grazie di tutto”. 

Mustafa Shaheen


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