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“Palermo e la sua realtà interculturale, il più bel ricordo che porterò a casa”.

Leggi l’esperienza di Emelyne, volontaria del progetto ACT – Youth in Movement

I decided to take part to ACT – Youth in Movement project because I’ve been interested in the migration topic for years and I have some experience in this area as a social worker.

I’ve chosen Sicily because it’s one of the places mainly concerned by migration in Europe and I already spoke some Italian. I wanted to know more about this phenomenon and how European migration policy is applied. 

In Palermo I have worked in three different hosting centres for migrants. One of them, Centro Astalli, allows migrants to have breakfast, take a shower, learn Italian and others languages, do different activities, get some help to look for a job.  I really enjoyed my time here, welcoming people at the front desk and helping children with their homework.

I’ve also worked in two centres for migrant minors (Elom & Azad and Il Gabbiano). It was very interesting to discover the everyday life and the organisation of these centres.  I could also realise the troubles the centres have to face the lack of budget and the financial aid delay (that impact directly on migrants’ pocket money and staff salaries).

I think that the most important thing I will remember of my time here is the chance I’ve had to meet migrants, Sicilians and European volunteers. I really enjoyed Palermo intercultural life and I think that it represents a huge source of knowledge and richness for this city.


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