My name is Porumb Ana Diana, I am 19 years old and I’m from Romania.

In September I took part in a project named Gender E.R.A. This project took place in Tusa, Sicily and it was about Gender Education, Rights and Awareness against Discrimination and Homophobia.
In this project I had the occasion to meet some amazing people from Romania, Italy, Spain, Turkey.and Slovenia.porumb ana diana
I am happy that I managed to visit a little, to learn lots of things and to see how other cultures are… simply amazing!!!

The reality is that it is very hard to live in a world where equality is missing. The staff from Per Esempio taught me that it doesn’t matter if you are a woman or a man, gay or straight, we are humans and behind all those differences we are all the same. We are all born with differences and that is what makes us unique. Why should we hate and treat others badly instead of living in peace, just accepting all and being happy? We all live differently, we are not fit to judge anyone’s life because we don’t know what it’s like to be in their skin. This project was an amazing experience that taught me to step up, to change something, because the change starts when the people decide to take action. It’s time to grow up, it’s time to evolve!

Hold my hand and fight with me

We will be here to make them see

That it is possible to live

In a different world, a world of love

Full of surprises and full of hope.


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