Per Esemio is a non-profit association founded in 2011 in Ballarò – Albergheria district – in the core of Palermo.

Through all our interventions, we aim to increase social cohesion, strengthen the communities in which we operate, and promote processes of social development, by increasing the levels of participation of people, especially those at risk of marginalization, in contexts often characterized by severe deprivations. Our activities focus on combating educational poverty, gender empowerment, social and employment inclusion of the most vulnerable people, the education of children, adolescents, and adults, opportunities for international mobility that contribute to strengthening professional skills, urban regeneration, and neighborhood events that lead to a more inclusive city where diversity is considered as a resource..

Thanks to the building of a strong organisations’ and public institutions’ network, the involvement of multiple stakeholders in the territory, and the mobilisation of young people from all over the world, over the years, we have started a high number of workshops, meetings, courses, and cultural exchanges to reduce phenomena of social exclusion and marginalisation and we have built collaborative processes of citizen participation in creating new possibilities for local development.

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