AttraversaMenti is an educational-experiential path that aims to enhance differences and build a path of sharing between migrants living in Palermo.

The project provides the involvement of young foreigners in two workshops, one for videomaking and another one for rap music. The videomaking workshop is led by the film director and author Giuseppe Schillaci, while the rap and African music workshop is held by the Italian-French singer-songwriter Sandro Joyeux. The contribution of both the professionals, who have lived and worked in different cultural contexts, aims to offer the young people involved in AttraversaMenti a change of perspective in the knowledge transmitted.

The objective is to use cognitive and experiential tools to encourage the process of inclusion of the young migrants involved and to promote the overcoming of stereotypes, prejudices and discriminatory attitudes in the area. The result of the activities carried out during the workshops is the videoclip of the song created by the children involved in the initiative. AttraversaMenti is a project supported by UNAR – National Anti-Racial Discrimination Office.