Ballarò Tale

Ballarò Tale is a collective art project of transformation, which will tell the story of the ancient neighborhood over the months, through the mural paintings created by the children. Organized within the S.O.S. Ballarò path by Per Esempio (already author of the amazing experience of Borgo Vecchio Factory together with PUSH) and promoted by the Municipality of Palermo, Dipartimento della Cultura, with the writer and actor Alberto Nicolino and the painter Igor Scalisi Palminteri, conductors of this journey from the memory of the elderly to the indelible art of the children.

Ballarò Tale aims to recover the stories of a thousand-year-old neighborhood like Ballarò and at the same time recover its territory, through works of mural painting inspired by its own stories, in a constantly changing creative process that will mature together with the stories and suggestions that will arise from it through all its evolutionary phases: collection of stories of the inhabitants of the neighborhood; conversion of stories into tales, with a view to writing and reading memories; fairy tale drawing and illustration workshops; painting of the murals which reproduce the illustrations created in large dimensions, in a moment when adults and children can paint in total communion.

The murals created at the end of this journey tell the multi-ethnic soul of Ballarò that is told, stories of women, children and men who live the neighborhood every day, from their own territory of origin, for current spectators and for all those who will get closer to the neighborhood and want to discover its purest and liveliest roots.

The project also includes meetings such as readings of fairy tales, screenings, invitations to participate, walks to discover the decorated “narrative walls” in order to animate symbolic places of a neighborhood that preserves over a thousand years of history and culture.