Non formal education for children, youngsters and women

Connection aims to increase the social inclusion mechanisms of migrants/refugees women in Palermo. The specific objective of this pilot project is to facilitate access to basic education and, consequently, the entry into the job market for at least 20 women living in Palermo who are at risk of social exclusion. The project includes a presentation event and subsequently the launch of an orientation service for childcare services promoted by the Municipality of Palermo and integrated into the Per Esempio network. Within the framework of the project activities, basic Italian and computer courses are also organized.

The first phase of the project involves an analysis of the users’ needs carried out through a focus group aimed at examining the critical issues encountered by the users in integrating into the local context, with particular attention to the topic of job search. With the launch of the desk, users receive support regarding the city’s childcare services, based on their specific profile. Users can obtain the support of a human resources expert who follows them in the first steps of the job search process (writing a CV, preparing an interview, etc.). The users are always supported by a mentor who helps them both in their job search and during the courses and in the subsequent selection. A cultural mediator promotes the meeting between women’s needs, the planned activities and the public services offered. An Italian course for beginners and a basic computer course (15 hours each) are also organised: users are thus equipped with the tools to overcome the first obstacles that prevent a real integration process.

The project involves constant monitoring and evaluation of the expected results. Communication and visibility of this initiative in order to encourage women to participate in the planned activities. At the end of the project, a video is created with the most significant moments of the project, to show the local community the activities carried out thanks to the collaboration of Per Esempio and Help Refugees.