Connecting European youth through storytelling

Continue is a project that aims to support young people at risk of social exclusion to face the specific challenges of the post-COVID period by helping them stay connected and integrated into European societies. For young people in marginalized situations, the COVID emergency has created multiple complications such as the increase in their economic, material and health vulnerability; the loss of existing connections with institutions, the social assistance system, job opportunities and the decrease in their possibilities of social integration; the lack of some basic skills and competences in digital communication, which have cut them off from their social, educational and economic network.

In order to face these challenges, Continue aims to: understand the main difficulties of marginalized young people during COVID-19 and their vision of the main challenges of post-COVID times; create a “digital framework” to support a smooth transition from offline to online exchanges between young people, youth organizations and governance structures; organize capacity building activities for young people, aimed at implementing local social actions; strengthen dialogue between stakeholders, institutional representatives and young people and improve relevant policies.

Continue aims to involve young people with complex backgrounds (migratory and/or other) in project activities in order to improve the interaction between individuals, their communities and pan-European levels.

The main expected results are:

  • Community Reporting with insights and results that present young people’s problems from their point of view
  • Local and pan-European participatory and co-planning events to discuss needs, local actions, policy recommendations
  • Local social actions implemented by young people
  • Pan-European policy recommendations
  • The CONTINUE online platform, created to share tools, exchange experiences and promote learning.

Continue is created by a consortium of 8 organizations working with groups of young people at risk of marginalization, with experience in the field of youth education, community dynamics, the development of policy recommendations, and who work with a wide network of bodies in different sectors. These are: