Dappertutto is a project aimed at promoting a new culture of childhood which, in a holistic and multidimensional vision, involves the Tribunali/Castellammare district of Palermo.

The intervention is designed to consolidate the sense of educational co-responsibility within the community, to connect its educational and cultural spaces in a cohesive network and to accompany children and families in building their own future, in order to reduce the level of educational poverty.

Dappertutto responds to the main need of the territory of “being able to grow well and together in the neighborhood”. For this reason, in addition to aiming for the psycho-social and psycho-physical well-being of children and families, and the development of relational, cognitive and motor skills, the project focuses on the theme of differences: so that these do not translate into inequalities, the project provides greater shared spaces for growth and discussion, through processes of active participation, actions to promote a new culture of childhood and the consolidation of an educational co-responsibility that sees the territory and all its inhabitants committed to making their contribution.

Specifically, children’s services are empowered through: strengthening the skills of teachers and educators, consolidating school-family relationships and expanding the training offer to include afternoon hours. Parenting support interventions are also implemented such as workshops on positive parenting and information desks for career guidance. The project also includes training activities aimed at teachers, in order to enrich skills and integrate new training opportunities for children into the scheduling. Finally, the services present in the area are expanded with the creation of a traveling laboratory museum of the Educational City and a neighborhood library. The direct beneficiaries are approximately 1,000 children aged between 0 and 6 years.