Edu-Action 2.0

The idea of ​​Edu-Action 2.0 was born from the experience gained between 2016 and 2017 with the Edu-Action project. This initiative in fact represents the second chapter of a path designed to encourage transnational mobility and non-formal learning by young youth workers who work in organizations involved in the fight against school dropout.

Acquiring and exchanging new techniques and skills related to working with children at risk of dropping out of school will in fact be the objective of the experience of the twelve participants involved, all operators from the project’s partner organisations.

The project promotes a double level of mobility:

  • the one aimed at members of the partner organisations, who are involved in various project meetings and in a study visit in the only two countries of the partnership (Estonia and Kenya) in which youth work is formally recognised;
  • the one aimed at youth workers. They carry out a month of job shadowing at the local sending organization and another month at one of the partner organisations, for a total of 60 days. Through informal and non-formal learning methods such as learning by doing, peer education and active participation, participating youth workers will experiment and learn new techniques and methodologies on which to base their own socio-educational approach.

A transversal activity throughout the project is research on the impact of non-formal education and youth work on formal education and on the prevention of school dropout, managed by the Department of Psychological, Pedagogical, Physical Exercise and Educational Sciences. University of Palermo, under the scientific responsibility of Cristiano Inguglia.

Furthermore, at the end of Edu-Action 2.0, a publication is produced – containing information on the project, the results of the research carried out and the recommendations developed on the basis of the participants’ field experiences -, and an awareness campaign on the importance of education – which will focus on the consequences of dropping out of school and will be disseminated on the social channels of the project partners -.