Favorire l’autodeterminazione, le relazioni e l’orientamento ai servizi

The project is directed to the Borgo Vecchio and San Filippo Neri neighborhoods of the city of Palermo and involves 300 women aged between 15 and 50. The general planning and organizational approach aims to involve organizations and professionals whom a partnership relationship is established with for each individual territory. The partners directly manage the activities coordinated by the leader.

The two neighborhoods identified are both characterized by enormous conditions of socio-economic hardship and social isolation. It is within this general framework that the female condition is placed, which sees women as organizers of family life; at the same time, the shared social role often sees them tied to a predominantly domiciliary and home-based life space, devoid of cultural stimuli, distant from the possibility of accessing training courses, if not even basic ones. Furthermore, the cultural environment of reference is characterized by high levels of direct and witnessed violence, which permeates intra-family relationships and exchanges with the external environment. The cornerstone of the intervention is therefore the concept of empowerment: a number of activities are carried out aimed at social reintegration, as well as promoting the autonomy and personal growth of the women involved, increasing their knowledge and skills.

The planned activities move on multiple levels. The starting point is the creation of a socialization space in each of the neighborhoods. In these spaces there is a listening space and the holding of some workshops. There is also a play space for children, children of the women involved in the project, so as to facilitate their participation. The project also aims to create a greater connection between existing services and users so as to facilitate their access to them. In fact, a map of services, awareness campaigns and an inter-institutional network are created which brings together all the various types of bodies working in the area, to combat the phenomenon of domestic violence. Furthermore, activities are carried out to raise the educational level of the participants, from tutoring to obtain a middle school diploma, to orientation and inclusion in professional courses.

Per Esempio, together with the associations Handala and Millecolori Onlus, it was the contact person for the project for the city of Palermo. The project was also implemented in the cities of Naples and Rome.