In Gioco

In Gioco is aimed at young and adult migrants, men and women, who come out of or are trying to escape from situations of work and sexual exploitation.

Specifically, In Gioco aims at creating a community welfare system to innovate employment services dedicated to migrants; fighting their labor exploitation; increasing their employability in new productive sectors (guidance, education and childhood services); supporting the dream of a of a young migrants Collective to start a social enterprise dedicated to education and childhood.

In Gioco has created an itinerant orientation, training and job placement desk aimed at migrants operated by a group of peer to peer counselors, selected among young migrants; the launch of Giocherenda, a social enterprise founded to create games that stimulate imagination, narratives and solidarity and made up of young people who arrived in Italy as unaccompanied foreign minors; the promotion of job support paths in the childcare and education services sector.