Key-Co System

Adult education in Europe has highly different profiles from country to country. To respond to this lack of homogeneity, the Key-Co System project intends to launch a path of integration and harmonization of education paths for adults, especially migrants, with the aim of increasing their employment opportunities, their mobility and their economic development , while promoting a more inclusive and cohesive society.

Thanks to the joint contribution of all the partners, the project aims to define a methodology and shared contents aimed at enhancing social inclusion and the development of territories through the development of people, addressing in particular teachers, operators involved in EDA migrants and to migrant and refugee adults included in educational courses. The latter are addressed with specific training and teaching tools that are more flexible and easily applicable to different cultural contexts.

The objectives of the Key-Co System are the strengthening of the educational and empowerment paths of migrant adult learners and the updating and development of innovative practices among teachers, educators of institutes and organizations operating in the field of adult education. To do this, the project will implement:

  • a paper on the role of multilingualism in the field of adult migrant education;
  • the creation of teaching materials for the development of the eight key skills indicated by the EU Commission and designed in blended learning;
  • multilingual and subtitled e-learning modules on the eight key skills, which adopt the peer education model;
  • an e-learning platform where you can upload the material created open-source/content, provide distance learning, start a place for exchanging practices on intercultural andragogy.
  • exchanges of good practices between partners.

Furthermore, the teachers and educators involved take part in three joint staff short-term training events, centered on:

  • intercultural andragogy;
  • theories, methodologies and good practices in migrant education;
  • Heroic Imagination Project: a path of resilience education.