Women in Action

The Women in action project aims to give continuity to the socio-educational, psychological-emotional and training support that was created in Borgo Vecchio, in the city centre, during the pandemic, aimed in particular at the most sensitive group most affected by the negative effects of the crisis, namely young women and adolescents.

The actions, to be developed over the course of a year, focus on three dimensions: 1) psycho-physical well-being, 2) study, 3) work. The working group is made up of operators who have already worked together in previous years as part of other Per Example Onlus projects, such as Frequenza 200 and REACT) and who have developed relationships of trust and collaboration, in a perspective of proximity and action community. A method based on dialogue and discussion groups is used, which will give value to creativity and personal life experiences, always trying to involve the neighborhood in its collective dimension through convivial events and moments of discussion.

A further objective is to go outside the restricted territorial dimension of the Borgo Vecchio district to get to know and meet other realities, such as that of Ballarò, where some workshops and activities are carried out, among which the project includes psychological accompaniment, speaking groups, tutoring and assisted study, three community events (beginning, middle and end of the project), workshops (body expression, photo/video/digital storytelling, writing), career orientation and internships.