The CirculART-e project aims to use the power of art, creativity and visual education to help young people at risk of social exclusion due to cultural, social and economic obstacles to develop their sense of resourcefulness and active participation in a society that promotes "the circular lifestyle". The objectives of the project are: to help…


Abitare, Lavorare, Incontrarsi

All in!

The All in! project aims to promote the sociolinguistic inclusion of refugee migrants and asylum seekers in the territories in which they live and work, increasing the learning levels of adult migrants in 4 European Union countries and facilitating the acquisition of communication skills in languages ​​of the host countries of citizens from other countries,…


Connecting European youth through storytelling


Digital Awareness for Resilience Experience

Key-Co System

Adult education in Europe has highly different profiles from country to country. To respond to this lack of homogeneity, the Key-Co System project intends to launch a path of integration and harmonization of education paths for adults, especially migrants, with the aim of increasing their employment opportunities, their mobility and their economic development , while…


PASSER’AILE: Un pont entre l’Afrique de l’Ouest et l’Europe pour renforcer les travailleurs sociaux européens prenant en charge les MNA is a project whose main objective is to strengthen the skills of social workers who take care of unaccompanied minors from West Africa, so as to help them fight the mechanisms of social exclusion in…


Reti per Educare gli Adolescenti attraverso la Comunità e il Territorio